moha: Soap

moha: Soap

For wonderfully soft and supple skin
Soap bar of 100 gms
  • Maintains skin health
  • Maintains skin texture, integrity and tone
  • Strengthens the skin’s metabolic mechanisms
  • Protects skin from infections
  • Protects the skin against allergens, chemicals and stress
  • Delays wrinkle and other skin ageing processes


Pamper your skin with this rich, luxurious moha: Soap. Enriched with oils of Neem, Basil and Aloe that nourish and moisturize the skin leaving it wonderfully soft, supple & infection free. Its unique combination offers skin care with soothing and cleansing effect. Neem oil has hydrating and antimicrobial properties. Aloe is useful for skin hydration and recommended for dry skin. Basil acts as antiseptic and has antibacterial action.


  • Personal sanitation
  • Acne
  • Blemishes, prickly heat and other skin ailments
  • Dermatitis


Apply Moha soap generously on the face and rinse thoroughly with water.



  1. Practice skin hygiene
  2. Protect your skin from too much sun
  3. Use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated, best-recommended moisturizer is Moha moisturizing lotion
  4. Always read the label carefully to make sure you are using the product correctly for skin care
  5. Supplement yourself with good skin tonic. Recommended product is Skinelle Nutra


  1. Avoid scrubbing too hard or washing too often
  2. Avoid touching your face frequently
  3. Avoid products which are very oily to your skin texture
  4. Do not squeeze pimples, because that often leads to infections, worse acne, and scars
Ingredient Action
Neem Antibacterial, Antiinflammatory
Tulsi Antibacterial, Antiacne
Kumari Humectant, Antioxidant, protects against UV-inducedstress


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