moha: Rose Mist

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  • Soothes tired skin
  • Hydrates dry skin
  • Evenly tones skin texture
  • Relaxes body and mind with a natural and fresh aroma
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Rejuvenate your skin with this refreshing moha: Rose Mist. A delightful mix of the season’s best roses combined with the goodness of aloe. It evens skin texture, leaving it toned and refreshed, making it a soothing treatment for sunburn and fatigued skin. moha: Rose Mist can also be your preferred choice as a good makeup remover.


  • Cleansing and toning
  • Can be used before and after make-up


Spray on the face and gently wipe with cotton



  1. Follow proper skin hygiene
  2. Protect your skin from too much sun
  3. Use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated, best-recommended moisturizer is Moha moisturizing lotion
  4. Always read the label carefully to make sure you are using the product correctly for skin care
  5. Supplement yourself with good skin tonic. Recommended product is Skinelle Nutra


  1. Avoid scrubbing too hard or washing too often
  2. Avoid touching your face frequently
  3. Avoid products which are very sensitive to your skin type
  • Rose (Rosa centifolia) hydrates and refreshes the face and body, adding to your aesthetic and well-being.
  • Aloe (Aloe barbadensis) possesses soothing, moisturizing & nourishing properties for your skin.

What do users of moha: Rose Mist have to say?

“moha: Rose Mist is perfect for summer. I use it anytime to feel fresh. ”

– Sunita Vaidya : Housewife


“moha: Rose Mist is probably the only rose water I trust to have roses in it. It also has Aloe Vera that hydrates my skin. Double yay. ”

– Tripta Khanna : Engineer


“ I use moha: Rose Mist as a post-workout toner. I spray it all over my face and it instantly soothes my skin and cools it down. ”

–  Parikshit Bhalla : Gym instructor

1 review for moha: Rose Mist

  1. :

    good as a toner, smells heavenly.. freshens up the skin.. if used daily it does enhance the skin’s texture.. the effects are subtle though but can be felt.. i love using it everyday on my skin to freshen it up..

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