moha: Nail Care Cream

moha: Nail Care Cream

Herbal cream for nourishment of nails
Pack size of 100 gms
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  • Strengthens brittle and cracking nails
  • Softens cuticles
  • Moisturizes, nourishes and protects nails against dirt, detergent, water and chemicals
  • Encourages healthy nail growth


Discover shiny, nourished nails with moha: Nail Care Cream. Formulated with natural ingredients like Flaxseed and Almond Oils, it softens cuticles, reduces brittleness and encourages healthy nails.


  • Brittle and cracking nails
  • Painful cuticles
  • Dry, rough and ridged nails
  • Nails that are likely to split, flake, peel or break


Massage gently on nails and nail beds with special attention to cuticles.



  1. Trim your nails when they get too long
  2. Clean your nails and remove stains
  3. Dip your fingernails in lukewarm olive oil just for 15-20 minutes on every alternate day
  4. Massage your nails.Use a cotton ball dipped in fresh lemon juice and clean your nails


  1. Don’t bite your nails
  2. Make sure you don’t use unclean instruments to cut or clean nails

Almond (Prunus amygdalus) oil softens and smoothens extremely chapped nails

Flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum) oil nourishes & strengthens dry or brittle nails, preventing them from cracking and promoting healthy nail growth

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