Gynelth nutra

  • Helps to regulate menstrual cycle
  • Relieves menstrual cramps & pain
  • Helps regulate thyroid function
  • Helps increase hemoglobin level
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
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Gynelth Nutra is a unique synergistic combination of Phytonutrients, Multivitamins, Antioxidants, Micronutrients & Amino acids that provide the necessary nutrient for optimal menstrual health.

Gynelth is a dietary supplement with Cinnamon (Twak), Withania (Ashwagandha), Zingiber (Shunthi), Commiphora (Guggul) with essential nutrients like Folic acid, Vitamin B6, B12, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron and Calcium that supports menstrual cycle by regulating hormonal balance, thyroid functions and controls secretion of brain chemicals that affects the different phases of menstruation.

Dietary supplement to optimize menstrual health


To know more about the product and its dosage call Dr. Charak or reach us at [email protected]


Cinnamon (Twak) – regulates menstrual cycle by restoring hormone balance

Ashwagandha, Guggul – exhibit anti-inflammatory action and helps regulate thyroid functions

Zinc, Shunthi, Ashwagandha – inhibit prostaglandins thereby helps to relieve severity and duration of menstrual cramps and pain

N-Acetylcysteine: helps improve ovulation especially in PCOS patients

Iron, Folic acid, Amino acids, B vitamins – helps increase hemoglobin levels, Vitamin B12 helps regenerate folates to relieve symptoms of anaemia

Folic acid, Vitamin B6 B12, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron & Calcium: serve as a host of neurotransmitter co-factors.

Folic acid, Ashwagandha – help alleviate mood swings, anxiety, depression and irritability.


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