Evanova Capsule

  • Relieves frustrating perimenopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia
  • Helps to maintain cholesterol levels
  • Delays the onset of osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases
  • Safe for long-term use

No. Of Unit: Pack of 20 capsules


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EVANOVA is a safe and effective formulation that provides maximum relief from the multiple menopause symptoms. EVANOVA, a rich source of isoflavones (from soya) provides phyto-estrogenic support to reduce intensity and frequency of hot flushes and night sweats during menopausal transition. EVANOVA with its ingredients like Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), Shankhpushpi (Celastrus paniculatus) and Brahmi (Herpestis monniera) helps to manage irritability, insomnia, mood swings & fatigue. EVANOVA offers a non-hormonal approach to achieve the best prophylaxis for relief from peri-menopausal symptoms without ill effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). EVANOVA plays an important role in the prevention of post-menopausal complications including osteoporosis, cardiovascular disorders. EVANOVA also improves the impaired lipid profile. EVANOVA is trusted by eminent gynecologists in the management of menopausal symptoms after surgical removal of the uterus.


Support during menopausal transition (cessation of menses)

In surgical menopause (removal of uterus)

Evanova is a safe and effective formulation that provides maximum relief from the multiple perimenopausal symptoms.


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  1. Wear cotton sleepwear to ease discomfort from night sweats
  2. Develop a routine of physical exercises such as brisk walking, yoga, and meditation
  3. Supplement daily meals with calcium-rich products like dairy products, broccoli, and legumes.
  4. Include foods high in fiber, such as whole-grain breads, cereals, pasta, rice, fresh fruits, and vegetables
  5. If overweight, cut down high intake of fat
  6. Cultivate a hobby to keep yourself productively occupied


  1. Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol and excessive coffee and tea.
  2. Cut down intake of foods high in salt and extra sugar.
  3. Avoid taking any medications without a physician’s advice.
  4. Don’t skip meals, instead plan daily diet chart efficiently.
  5. Avoid trigger factors like stress, spicy foods, tight clothing and excess heat.
Important ingredients Action
Soya Rich source of isoflavones and reduces intensity and frequency of hot flushes and night sweats
Ashwagandha Antioxidant
Brahmi, Jyotishmati, Jatamansi Help to manage irritability, mood swings, and fatigue
Abhrak Bhasma, Arjun Prevent cardiovascular complications
Kukkutandatwak Bhasma Prevents osteoporosis


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