Pigmento Ointment

  • Stimulates melanogenesis (formation of melanin pigment)
  • Effectively induces repigmentation in vitiligo
  • Provides antioxidant support
  • Offers immunomodulatory action
  • Relieves emotional stress

No. Of Unit: Tube of 50 grams


MRP inclusive of all taxes.

PIGMENTO is a comprehensive therapy in vitiligo. Immunological attack on the melanocytes and free radical damage are considered to be the cause of vitiligo. Psoralea corylifolia the main ingredient of PIGMENTO stimulates melanocytes to synthesize melanin, the pigmenting agent. Acorus calamus, Cassia tora and Melia azadirachta have antifungal properties. Tephrosia purpurea modulates both the cell-mediated and the humoral components of the immune system.    Other ingredients also have immuno-modulating and antioxidant properties. Thus, PIGMENTO effectively induces repigmentation in vitiligo.


  • Vitiligo
  • Acquired white patches

PIGMENTO is a comprehensive therapy in vitiligo.


To know more about the product reach us at [email protected] or [email protected].



  • Follow a bland and nutritious diet.
  • Consumption of bitter vegetables such as bitter gourd and bitter variety of drumsticks is recommended.
  • Exposure to sunlight for 10 minutes every day is beneficial.


  • Curd, sour fruits and combinations of milk with jaggery or fruits should be avoided during three months after therapy.
  • Avoid exposure to heat and the sun.
  • Avoid non-vegetarian foods.
  • Avoid incompatible foods like milk and sour fruits.
  • Bakuchi beej – Stimulates melanocytes to synthesize melanin
  • Vacha, Neem Patra, Chakramarda beej – Stimulants, keep skin healthy
  • Sharapunkha – Immunomodulator

Dr. P S Bhatia

MBBS, MD – Kanpur

“Pigmento gives good response in Vitiligo patients”


Dr. Ashok Gupta
MBBS, MD, MCSI – New Delhi

“I am using Pigmento since more than 15 years now for my Vitiligo patients. I found better results in most of my patients without any side effects”


Dr. Meenal  Bhirud
MBBS, DVD – Nashik

“I am using Pigmento from last 10 years. It gives very good Pigmentation”


Dr. Suraj Grover
MBBS, CDV, PGCC – Jodhpur

“Pigmento Tablets of Charak Pharma is a very effective drug in early stages of Vitiligo & it gives quick response extreme Vitiligo along with other drugs. I am using from last 10 years”


Dr. Akhilesh Mohan
MBBS, DVD – Meerut

“I am using Pigmento for quite a long time now. It’s giving good results in my patients without any side effects. I am well satisfied with the product and give my best wishes”


Dr. Amit Singh
MBBS, DDV, DHM – Mumbai

“I am using Pigmento Tablets & Ointment for last 5-6 years & getting excellent results with it”


Dr. Ramink Patel
MBBS, DVD – Bhuj

“I am using Pigmento tablets since very long time & found very good results in patients. Thanks for giving the product to market. I am satisfied with it’s use”


Dr. A S Kumar
MD – Jalandhar

“I have been using Pigmento Tablets & Ointment for the treatment of Vitiligo for more than a year now. I have found Pigmento Tablets & Ointment as a useful treatment for Vitiligo patients”


Dr. Ashok Janapurkar
MBBS, DVD – Pune

“I have personally used Pigmento Tablets & Ointment in my Vitiligo patients & have got very satisfactory results”


Dr. M S Nanda
MBBS, DVD, FDLS – Ludhiana

“Seen good results of Pigmento Ointment with phototherapy”


Dr. Brajesh Aggrawal
MBBS, DVD – Jabalpur

“I am prescribing Pigmento to my Vitiligo patients. I found the drug very effective in many cases”


Dr. Dipti Jain
MBBS, MD – Lucknow

“Pigmento is a wonderful formula and gives good response in vitiligo patients at a very economical price”


Dr. Mahaveer S Latthe
MBBS, DVD (DNB) – Belagavi

“I am using Pigmento since last 2-3 years. It gives very good results especially in repigmentation on trunk, limbs & abdomen ”


Dr. Mamta Parikh
MD – Jodhpur

“Pigmento is a good product for Vitiligo”


Dr. Rajesh Jain
MBBS, DVD – Surat

“I am using Pigmento since last 10 years and it is my first choice in Vitiligo. I am 100% satisfied with Pigmento”


Dr. Niteen Dhepe
MD – Karnataka

“I am getting good results with Pigmento and am happy with it”


Dr. Raghavendra Topakhane
MD – Hubli

“I have used Pigmento in Children and got good results”


Dr. S. S. Patil
MBBS, DDV, FCSEPI (Bom.), M-ASDAS (USA) – Vijayapur

“Pigmento gives fast repigmentation and can be safely used for long-term”


Dr. Sunil Trivedi
MS, DVD – Surat

“Pigmento is an excellent product for Vitiligo”


Dr. Srinivas
MD – Andhara Pradesh

“I like Pigmento as it does very good job in Vitiligo & Leucoderma”


Dr. Kritika Goenka
MD – Raipur

“I am using Pigmento Tablets since last 6 months & getting excellent results with Pigmento”


Dr. Naresh Wadhera
MBBS, DVD – Meerut

“I am prescribing Pigmento Tablets & Ointment and getting very good response in my patients”


Dr. Naveen Gupta
MD, CVD, PGCSD – Kanpur

“I am prescribing Pigmento since long time. I have found great results in Vitiligo patients”


Dr. Parveen Sethi
MD – Sirsa

“I have been prescribing since last 18 years. Results are very good. Repigmentation starts within 40 days”


Dr. Pawan Bansal
MD – Batala

“I am using Pigmento for last 10 years for Vitiligo. Results are excellent”


Dr. R K Garg
MBBS, MD – New Delhi

“I am prescribing Pigmento to my patients & results are satisfactory”


Dr. Ranjan Sheorey
MBBS, DVD – Jabalpur

“Pigmento Tablets & Ointment is an excellent product.  It gives excellent response in Vitiligo patients”


Dr. Ranju Chaudhari
MD – Saharanpur

“I am using Pigmento Ointment & getting good results”


Dr. Shweta Ohri
MD – Ludhiana

“This is to certify that results of Pigmento are encouraging in Vitiligo when used with sun exposure”


Dr. Vasant Nakum
MD – Bhuj

“Pigmento is a good product. I am using it since last 6 months as an adjuvant therapy. It gives good results”

3 reviews for Pigmento Ointment

  1. :

    Can I only apply pigmento ointment.I don’t want to intake tablet.

    • :


      Greeting from CHARAK PHARMA,

      For better and faster recovery it is advisable to have Pigmento tablets along with Pigmento ointment.

      Thank you.

  2. :

    dose of pigmento tablets for adults

    • :

      We recommend 2 tablets twice daily after meals for 3 to 6 months. If any further medical query kindly email us at [email protected]

  3. :

    What else is good for vitiligo?

    • :

      We recommend Pigmento tablet and ointment as dual regimen and Skinelle nutra as nutrition to skin.

    • :

      We recommend Pigmento tablet and ointment as dual therapy for vitiligo. Skinelle nutra is phyto-nutraceutical supplement that is generally recommended as nutritional support for the skin.

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