GO365 Ointment

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75.00 60.00
  • GO365 Ointment is a powerful Ayurvedic ointment which helps to reduce joints pains and muscular pains.
  • It helps reduce – Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Sprains, Joint Pain (Arthralgia), Arthritis, Tendinitis, Muscular Cramps.
  • Easily absorbed when gently rubbed over the skin and stimulates circulation and helps relax stiff muscles.
  • Its herbal ingredients like Capsicum oil, Camphor & Mint extract have anti-inflammatory properties; oils of Wintergreen & Eucalyptus help reduce joint swelling & pain and Deodar Oil & Nirgundi reduce pain and stiffness.
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A powerful Ayurvedic ointment helps reducing joint pains and muscular pains.

On topical application, it penetrates the pores. After penetration, the active ingredients stimulate circulation, relax stiffness & re-oxygenate tense painful tissues, which helps reduce joint and muscular pain. Fast-acting and safe.


  • Deep Penetration: GO365 ointment spreads evenly and penetrates effectively to provide prompt relief
  • Quick Relief: Its active ingredients stimulate circulation, relax stiffness & soothes tense painful tissues
  • No Side Effects: Exerts counter irritant action

For reducing pain such as joint pain, muscle pain, neck pain, back pain, sprain, etc.



For local application only, apply to the affected joints or body parts.

  • Gently rub in sufficient quantity of the ointment over the affected area 3-4 times in a day
  • Do not apply over broken or bruised skin.
  • Do not use plasters or bandages over the affected area after application.


Do not apply on the open wound and over the sensitive membrane areas such as eyes, mouth & nostrils. If accidentally used, then wash the area immediately with cold water. If irritation doesn’t subside consult a physician.


In sensitive cases, skin rashes and burning sensation can occur after application, in such cases wash the area immediately with soap water and apply ice for symptomatic relief. If it doesn’t subside or in severe cases please terminate the use of ointment immediately and consult a physician.


Key Ingredients Action

Capsicum Oil




Wintergreen oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Reduces joint swelling & pain

Deodar Oil & Nirgundi

Reduces pain & stiffness

30 reviews for GO365 Ointment

  1. :

    Works well on stiff muscles

  2. :

    Effective pain relief ointment

  3. :

    Bought this last month for my back pain, got satisfactory results

  4. :

    Has really benefited my mom who was suffering from acute knee pain. Now the pain has alleviated.

  5. :

    I use this ointment against all joint and muscle pains now.

  6. :

    Very effective for pain relief. I would highly recommend this product.

  7. :

    Couldn’t visit a doctor during the lockdown for my backpain. Go365 ointment gave me relief at that time

  8. :

    I bought this on recommendation. It definitely does work

  9. :

    Works good for muscles and is very strong on application

  10. :

    Getting relief from back pain after using this ointment

  11. :

    Useful product for back and shoulder pain

  12. :

    Effective for joint pain

  13. :

    Nice product to get quick relief from musclar sprains

  14. :

    Sprained by shoulder muscle while working out, GO365 reduced the pain in no time

  15. :

    Good product for painful joints

  16. :

    Quick relief from stiff back, nice product

  17. :

    I had lot of back pain due to uncomfortable sitting postures while working from home. I used thisointment and I feel much better now

  18. :

    I started getting constant neck pains working from home. At such times GO365 ointment has proved very useful in reducing the pain

  19. :

    Very safe on skin, no rashes or allergies after application

  20. :

    It spreads evenly and is non-sticky

  21. :

    The swelling and pain lessens soon after using it. It’s nice

  22. :

    I often have shoulder aches due to my sleeping positions, I apply GO365 ointment and its gone in minutes

  23. :

    Gives quick relief from my back pain

  24. :

    I am a working professional and gets frequesnt back pain due to long working hours, GO365 ointment acts immedietly on the pain and reduces it

  25. :

    I twisted my ankle whilst I was exercising and I had severe pain for 2 days. I applied this ointment and the swelling and pain reduced in no time

  26. :

    I was suffering from frequent pain in my neck. Due to the lockdown I can’t show myself to a doctor or get an x-ray done. At such a time go365 ointment comes handy to me very often

  27. :

    I am obese and my weight has adverse effects on my knees causing severe pain sometimes even when I am taking my prescribed medicines. At such times I apply the ointment and it gives me quick comfort

  28. :

    Very effective on the swelling and stiff joints

  29. :

    The work from home has lead to a bad pain in my neck because of uncomfortable postures. GO365 nutra has helped lessen the pain to a great extent

  30. :

    Great pain relief ointment for back pain

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