Herbal Products are obtained from 100% natural source with no added chemicals or toxins. These products are highly effective and more safe and tolerable as compared to conventional products available in the market. Furthermore, they are affordable, easier to obtain and work
to strengthen and support the body’s natural immune system. In countries across the world, herbal medicines are now considered as one of the therapeutic approaches with minimal or no side effects. Many Western countries are now opting for a herbal alternative as primary therapy in order to treat any existing medical conditions. The journey of Charak began in the year 1947 with a vision to improve the quality of life by making herbal healthcare available internationally. We have worked extensively on the principles and formulations given in Ayurveda to create natural healing solutions. We here at Charak Pharma, believe in following natural methods for a healthy living. Our Nutraceutical products range over a dozen various nutraceutical supplements designed to take care of your health and support your fitness journey. These array of nutraceutical supplements are created keeping in mind your personal needs. Unlike generic over-the-counter Nutraceutical products available in the market, our nutraceutical products journey with you at every stage of your life, in any specific medical conditions or even simply for optimal health. Our nutraceutical products are better alternative than most products available. Health Tips :

1. Knowledge is Power: Nutraceuticals are pharmaceutical-grade and standardized nutrient. In the US, “nutraceuticals” do not exist as a regulatory category; they are regulated as dietary
supplements and food additives by the FDA under the authority of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. To help us understand them better, we should make ourselves aware of the need for these nutraceutical supplements. The more you read, the more you know.
2. Support the system: In our day-to-day activities, we tend to rush everywhere and ignore our nutritional needs. As our body continuously repairs our wear and tear, we require additional nutrients which may not be fulfilled by our daily intake of food.
3. DO NOT SKIP MEALS: We may not pay attention to regular diet and may skip a meal ever so often. Meal plan for the entire week ahead. You may also create a quick 5 minute recipe book for future hunger pangs with readily available ingredients at home as per your taste. Keeping fresh fruits and nuts handy is always a good idea.
4. It is also recommended to continue good form of exercise and diet. If gymming is not your thing, you may opt for dance classes, spin classes, brisk walks or other forms of exercise which suit your lifestyle.
5. Consult your Doctor: It is important that you take any form of medication with the correct approach. You may also take multiple nutraceuticals for various needs as per your doctor’s recommendation.

Manoll Nutra Syrup

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Richelth Nutra

Richelth Nutra

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Evanova Nutra

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Calskel Nutra

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Zoazest Nutra

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Expijoy Nutra for Female Reproductive Health

Expijoy Nutra

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Gynelth Nutra Tablets to Relieve from Irregular Menstrual Bleeding and DUB

Gynelth nutra

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Cystolib Nutra

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Obenyl Nutra Dietary Supplement

Obenyl Nutra

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Sale Nutrabet Tablet - Dietary Supplement for Diabetes


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Skinelle Nutra

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Cyclease Nutra Capsules

Cyclease Nutra

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