Chronic Pain Has Roots in Depression

Chronic Pain Has Roots in Depression Treat Both to Score a Victory Chronic pain is a biopsychosocial phenomenon – addressing every aspect of the sufferer’s being.  The duration of pain is not sufficient to determine chronicity; rather, chronic pain [...]

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Skin Care Tips for Safe HOLI!

Skin Care Tips for Safe HOLI! Holi is the most favourite colourful festival in our country, but it leaves behind the harsh after-effect due to use of synthetic chemicals and metallic colours. Enjoy your Holi with these easy precautions [...]

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Natural Sleep, Through Nature’s Way

Natural Sleep, Through Nature’s Way The human body is one of the greatest miracles of nature. It is a complex mechanism, which works seamlessly through the continuous reaction, transaction and actions of a large number of chemicals and materials [...]

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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction Surprisingly high incidence in India Healthy sexual functioning is an important contributor to women’s sense of well-being and quality of life. Surveys done in the US and Europe have identified that female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is [...]

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Forget the menstrual woes

Forget the menstrual woes Menstrual cycle is the measure of a woman’s overall health. Yet menstrual irregularities are quite common in the lives of women today. Irregularities mainly include conditions like heavy flow during the period, painful cramps or [...]

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Stress Management

Stress Management By and large, all of us want to de-stress with yoga, pranayam, etc. but end up wanting to rush back to the world of constant pressure once the session is done. We tend to use the session [...]

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